Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dear Bo, Weekend review: a swingset and a picnic...

On Saturday, you played with your toys while Daddy made you a swingset and Momma decorated for Halloween. 

On Saturday evening, we went to the annual WB picnic.  We brought a blanket for you and Claire to play on.  That lasted longer than we thought considering how mobile you both are.  You were nuts at the picnic!  You definitely had ants in your pants.  (For the record, you're not crying in this picture, you're talking very loudly, which you did a lot of that night!)

On Sunday, you enjoyed the swing (it was in the 50's) so I took the opportunity to put you in a hat so I could get a picture.  Then we had date night.  You looked like such a big boy in your jeans.

A great fall weekend!


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