Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dear Bo, Meanwhile back at the farm (Day 2)...

Incoming my Mimi…
7:32am:  Great night.  Not a peep from him until 7:00.  Woke up happy and had a dirty diaper. 

Shortly after:  Playing.
 8:28am:  New toy.  Spoons.
1:31pm:  Bo took 2 ½ hour nap.  Ate good lunch and playing.  Watching Mickey Mouse and playing with wooden spoon.
Time unknown:  Have a good time and don’t worry about Pooka.  He is being a good boy
4:48 pm: He had the biggest grin when I showed him the pic of y’all (We sent her a pic to show you.  I don’t even care if she’s lying/embellishing when she said you had the biggest grin.)
Time unknown:  Up from nap
6:10pm:  I love apple pie

7:24pm:  Video of you giggling the most adorable giggle while you’re playing with Pop (this makes me laugh and cry---because goodness gracious, we miss you)
8:37pm:  Went to bed easy.  I gave him a bottle watching Dancing With the Stars.  He let me rock him to sleep.  He played hard with Pop.


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  1. Looks like all had a good time--:)!!! HAPPY TENTH!!!